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The size of your interior doesn’t matter more than how you have designed and decorated your space. That is why even a small area can look elegant, aesthetic, and luxurious if appropriately designed. Your kitchen is one such area as well.

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Regardless of having a cozy and traditional or sleek and modern kitchen, every area, especially your kitchen, needs renovation once in a while. Make sure you’re installing durable and trending accessories in your kitchen to have it look every bit classy and high-end.

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This is the time where you contact us. Cubopac ensures to act as your most loyal and dedicated kitchen designer and transform your kitchen instantly.

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Time-effective renovation? Light on your Budget? A picturesque kitchen? Cubopac is the answer to all your worries.


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Our team comprises experienced and exceptionally talented members who understand interior designing and know what is best for your Australian kitchen. Our skilled architects, designers, and builders assess your kitchen and guide you accordingly based on your lifestyle and budget. 

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We offer a free first survey where our experts analyze space. We make a brief plan of what you want in your kitchen to be redesigned and how to achieve that. After this, we offer an estimated quote that the whole renovation shall cost you.

Easy installation:
Our firm offers flexible and free kitchen accessories installation, further cutting down on your extra and unwanted hassles and charges. Plus, our team focuses on installing the products in the safest ways to have to avoid any damage or hurdle during your kitchen renovation.

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3 cheap ways to clean grout from your bathroom tiles

Tiles enhance the appearance of the bathroom but the grout lines decrease its overall look. The nature of grout tends to be a sponge-like that absorbs everything and is light colored formed by the combination of mud, cement and water. Moreover, no matter how hard you try to stop grout from forming, sometimes the water sets in the corners letting grout to form. However, luckily there are ways like home remedies and professional cleaning products to get rid of it. Make sure you get rid of it as soon as possible and do not let it settle for months. Mentioned below are three cheap ways, suggested by one of the best grout cleaning melbourne to clean grout from your bathroom tiles.

Use vinegar and baking soda

If you want to get rid of the grout instantly here is one of the most easy, simple and budget friendly methods to get rid of the grout. Grouts need to be cleaned as soon as possible or they will turn out to be the most stubborn to get rid of. Moreover, you can get rid of it by having just two ingredients that would be already available in your kitchen. The two magic ingredients are vinegar and baking soda. Firstly, clean the grout with warm water and a brush. Then spray the mixture of vinegar and water on it. After a few minutes rub baking soda on it and again spray the vinegar mixture. Scrub it with a tooth brush and wash it away with warm water. Hence, by following this you can get rid of grout easily without spending too much.

Cleaning products

Grout cleaning can become difficult at times. What you will require at this moment would be to purchase professional grout cleaning products. This is another time saving and easiest method to get rid of the grout. All you need to do is to search for the best grout cleaning product in the store that does not destroy your tiles. Spray the cleanser on the tiles and after a few minutes rub it with a brush to clean it properly. Wash it away with warm water. However, make sure you purchase the right type of product as it can contain bleach that can take away the shine of the tiles and make them look rough.

Use steam to clean grout

Purchase a steamer if you often face grout problems as it would turn out to be the best option. There are different steamers designed for different purposes. You can purchase the one specially designed for cleaning the grout lines. Moreover, the steamer has a small brush fixed with it that scrubs the tiles and helps to get rid of the grout. Hence, if nothing works go for the steaming method it might cost you a little more as compared to other products but it would be something worth investing in.

If you are looking for ways to get rid of the grout, giving a read to this article would definitely help you. Grout cleaning can be done by following home remedies or you can buy some professional cleaning product from the store. However, try investing in a steamer for some long term ease.


Kitchen Ideas: how to renovate walls, furniture and lamps

The kitchen, the room where we spend the most time. The one in which in the morning the smell of coffee wakes us up and in the evening, at dinner, together with our family, we talk about the day. It is an intimate place, where even cooking together allows you to rediscover the intimacy that often the many hours spent away from home, for work or school, tend to make you lose.

But… if we don’t like the cuisine we have anymore ???

Even if we do not intend to buy new furniture, it is still possible to renew it. Let’s see how …

Important kitchen renovation

For years my parents have complained that their tiles are dated and chipped, of colors they are tired of seeing! To redo the kitchen, let’s start by changing floors and walls!

If you do not want to intervene by removing the floor tiles , you can apply the new ones over the existing ones: you can for example opt for a stoneware floor , or evaluate alternative materials such as laminates of various graphics or parquet of different essences.

This allows you not to crack and make dust, but affects different jobs such as raising the doors, if there is not enough space underneath, or raising the kitchen, which is simple given the presence of adjustable feet at the base of most of the models.

For the covering the same method can be used using decorated tiles ; however, the furniture must be removed from the walls of the necessary space, obviously.

Moderate kitchen renovation

The kitchen can also be renewed by just changing the color of our furniture, working on the existing doors, changing the color with the right materials, such as colored enamels or wood stains, replacing or adding handles , choosing more modern or particular models. Fortunately, the various courses of the Leroy Merlin stores can help us understand the necessary method.

We can then choose the most suitable top in laminate, wood, stone or one of the new materials available.

At this point we cannot forget the lamps , an important part of lighting both the work area and the dining area.

If in the renovation we have provided a plasterboard above the wall units , in the protruding part we can insert halogen or led spotlights . Alternatively we can put them under the wall units using special channels.

On the table, choosing the right chandelier in style with the new kitchen will be the final touch, or why not, renew ours too if you still like it, changing the thread with a colored one and putting one of the new bulbs with exposed filaments, for a special touch .

The service to renovate your kitchen

The kitchen is, probably together with the bathroom, one of the most used rooms in the house. Habitable kitchens, open space islands or peninsulas and kitchenettes contribute enormously to the characterization of the interior spaces, making an apartment lively and comfortable . However, any element of a kitchen, from the furniture, to the hob, from the refrigerator to the floors, is subjected to constant stress due to vapors, heat sources and grease. In this regard, the technologies developed in recent years have significantly improved the quality and reliability of these environments, thanks to more resistant and performing materials.

The service to renovate your kitchen
Do you want to expand the living area by creating a single open space between living room and kitchen? Or do you want to create an eat-in kitchen where you can eat? If you are tired of your kitchen and would like to give it a new look or a new, more functional distribution , it is necessary to ensure that the design solution, the style and the colors chosen are able to guarantee a welcoming and clean environment with resistant and long-lasting materials, and that the spaces for maneuver are well calibrated for use.

We at Facile Ristruttuire can accompany you in choosing the most suitable solutions for your needs, your dreams come true by putting the professionalism and experience of our team of designers and the seriousness of our qualified and specialized workers at your service. , from the preliminary design to the executive one, up to the delivery of the work.

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