Many homeowners on the Gold Coast have the common misconception that insect screens and security screens, Gold Coast are one and the same thing. The name “screen” is the only thing that makes them similar. However, their different functions and purposes are the things that set them wide apart.


What are Stainless Steel Security Screens


The stainless steel and high-tensile mesh system is the primary design of security screens. This outstanding design deters any forced break-ins or forced entry inside a home. Yet, the screens also maintain robust ventilation of the home despite its strong design.

However, there’s also inequality among security screens. Not all of them offer the same quality and performance. The materials that are used in the design of a security screen determine its quality.

Security screens made of high-quality stainless steel are considered the best there is. It is because stainless steel security screens are highly resistant to weather conditions, durable, and strong.

Stainless steel woven into a fine mesh makes the screen a highly durable and resilient barrier to stop any attempted home invasion and break-in. Yet, stainless steel security screens allow you to enjoy good ventilation and outdoor views while staying safe inside your home.


How Your Home Benefits from Stainless Steel Screens


Optimum home protection

The advanced features engineered in high-quality security screens are not like ordinary screens. Installing stainless steel screens on your windows and doors serves as optimum protection for your home.

The superbly strong features of the security screens provide the best protective barrier from attempts to damage or cut the screens, external impact and force, and bad weather.

High humidity and strong winds cannot penetrate the strong materials of high-quality stainless steel screens, making them a worthy investment for any home.

Enjoy optimum ventilation and views

The stainless steel screens do not only securely protect your home; optimised ventilation and outdoor views can still be enjoyed. The finely woven mesh of the screens allows efficient air to flow into the home even you want your windows closed all day long.

Keep mosquitoes and other bugs at bay

Keeping mosquitoes and other bugs at bay is provided by the fine mesh panels of security screens. This top benefit of steel screens makes them the superb option to have during bug and mosquito months and seasons.

Enhances the aesthetic look and value of the home

The screen’s finely mesh panels allow them to beautifully complement any door and window design. The subtle design of the screens ensures a cleaner and sleeker look to any window and door. The contemporary design of the screens often enhances the aesthetic look and value of any home.

The best way of securing the safety of children and pets

Homes with high-level floors benefit from the installation of steel screens on windows. Opened windows of homes are often the cause of accidental falls of children and pets. Open balconies on the second floor of homes are also a potential hazard for falls. Installing steel screens on windows and balconies is the surest way to protect children and pets from falling off them.

The multiple benefits provided by stainless steel screens make them a smart long-term investment for any type of home. Not only will the home become secure; the screens also provide curb appeal like no other. Contact us when you want to install security screens on your home.