The kitchen, the room where we spend the most time. The one in which in the morning the smell of coffee wakes us up and in the evening, at dinner, together with our family, we talk about the day. It is an intimate place, where even cooking together allows you to rediscover the intimacy that often the many hours spent away from home, for work or school, tend to make you lose.

But… if we don’t like the cuisine we have anymore ???

Even if we do not intend to buy new furniture, it is still possible to renew it. Let’s see how …

Important kitchen renovation

For years my parents have complained that their tiles are dated and chipped, of colors they are tired of seeing! To redo the kitchen, let’s start by changing floors and walls!

If you do not want to intervene by removing the floor tiles , you can apply the new ones over the existing ones: you can for example opt for a stoneware floor , or evaluate alternative materials such as laminates of various graphics or parquet of different essences.

This allows you not to crack and make dust, but affects different jobs such as raising the doors, if there is not enough space underneath, or raising the kitchen, which is simple given the presence of adjustable feet at the base of most of the models.

For the covering the same method can be used using decorated tiles ; however, the furniture must be removed from the walls of the necessary space, obviously.

Moderate kitchen renovation

The kitchen can also be renewed by just changing the color of our furniture, working on the existing doors, changing the color with the right materials, such as colored enamels or wood stains, replacing or adding handles , choosing more modern or particular models. Fortunately, the various courses of the Leroy Merlin stores can help us understand the necessary method.

We can then choose the most suitable top in laminate, wood, stone or one of the new materials available.

At this point we cannot forget the lamps , an important part of lighting both the work area and the dining area.

If in the renovation we have provided a plasterboard above the wall units , in the protruding part we can insert halogen or led spotlights . Alternatively we can put them under the wall units using special channels.

On the table, choosing the right chandelier in style with the new kitchen will be the final touch, or why not, renew ours too if you still like it, changing the thread with a colored one and putting one of the new bulbs with exposed filaments, for a special touch .