The kitchen is, probably together with the bathroom, one of the most used rooms in the house. Habitable kitchens, open space islands or peninsulas and kitchenettes contribute enormously to the characterization of the interior spaces, making an apartment lively and comfortable . However, any element of a kitchen, from the furniture, to the hob, from the refrigerator to the floors, is subjected to constant stress due to vapors, heat sources and grease. In this regard, the technologies developed in recent years have significantly improved the quality and reliability of these environments, thanks to more resistant and performing materials.

The service to renovate your kitchen
Do you want to expand the living area by creating a single open space between living room and kitchen? Or do you want to create an eat-in kitchen where you can eat? If you are tired of your kitchen and would like to give it a new look or a new, more functional distribution , it is necessary to ensure that the design solution, the style and the colors chosen are able to guarantee a welcoming and clean environment with resistant and long-lasting materials, and that the spaces for maneuver are well calibrated for use.

We at Facile Ristruttuire can accompany you in choosing the most suitable solutions for your needs, your dreams come true by putting the professionalism and experience of our team of designers and the seriousness of our qualified and specialized workers at your service. , from the preliminary design to the executive one, up to the delivery of the work.